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Leaving a legacy through custom documentaries




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Tell your life story, capture your family history, and leave a legacy of knowledge and values for your future generations. Family legacy videos are the perfect way to preserve your history and inspire future generations.

Legacy videos make fantastic gifts, perfect for special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, reunions, retirements, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, and other family celebrations.

Your Story In A Documentary Film


We all have a story to tell – It could be your life journey, your career, your family, your hobby, or your passion.  With your own documentary film you can preserve family memories, history, and accumulated knowledge, in your own words, and in the powerful medium of cinematic story telling.


  • Guided insightful biographical interviews in the comfort of your own home or the home of a relative.
  • Professional video production crew will record, edit and deliver a high quality video that is easy to share with family, friends, or kept private. You also get the video on a USB flash drive that can easily be copied and shared.
  • Scanning and integration of your family photos into the film.
  • Cinematic editing and coloring. This is the most time-consuming part of the process, but also where the magic happens!
  • Music selected and mixed to create the best feel of the film using the best royalty free music.
  • Family input and feedback before the final cut.


Your Family Tree Research As A Documentary


Are you the self-appointed historian of the family? Have you been building a family tree with Ancestry.com.au, MyHeritage.com, FindMypast.com.au, or something similar?

We can help you turn your research and the stories from existing family members into your own family history documentary.

Take your ancestry research to the next level and integrate archival material, narration, and live interviews into a film that will be priceless for generations to come.


We chat to you over the phone, discuss the project, work out logistics, and give your some resources to prepare for the video day.

This is the time to prepare materials such as photographs that you would like to be included in the film. We have a comprehensive document to step you through this process.


We come to your home, or a place we have arranged, and record your biography with a small video crew (the Producer/Director, cinematographer, and possibly a sound technician depending on the shoot).

Cameras and lights can be intimidating but we will make the experience relaxed and unpressured – it will be like chatting to a friend!


This is where the magic happens and the most time consuming part of the process. One minute of finished video can take many hours of work.

We scan your photographs, edit them together with your interview, mix music, and get your feedback on the initial cut. We then finish the video and put it up on our Vimeo online host for you to share with family and friends or keep it private.


Family Legacy Videos are often given as a unique gift for special occasions such as a 70th or 80th birthday, a 50th wedding anniversary, or to honour a family member who has recently passed away. Family will usually split the costs of the video production with siblings, children, and grandchildren, all chipping in for a legacy documentary that will be valuable for many generations to come.



Biographical documentaries can be personal biographies for professional or private reasons. Celebrating the career of a significant individual in a corporate, academic or government setting is often the impitus for such films.

Short Biographies


Short biography videos are ideal for personal branding and to accompany your written biography. It is more likely that people will watch a short video than read a block of text and a video biography can carry an emotional depth that just cannot be done with written words.

 The example here was to give some insight into the psychotherapist, author and teacher Richard Hill, as part of his personal branding strategy.


Feature Length Biographical Documentaries


Produced with the same quality and attention to detail as any documentary you will see on platforms such as the History Channel, we create feature length documentaries.

Companies and organisations can celebrate founders and/or key individuals who have made significant contributions to the company, the field of work, or to society generally.

The example here is a biography of Distinguished Professor Peter Corke who has been a trailblazer in the Australian robotics scene. 6 months in the making this documentary also features other significant researchers in the field of robotic vision, outlining the legacy of these men and women.



Special Legacy Video consideration for service men and women, services clubs, associations and charities that support the recording and preservation of Australian military aviation history.

Military Aviation History Legacy

In collaboration with the Australian Military Aviation History Association Inc., we are producing videos that document and promote Australian aviation history, from personal accounts to documentaries about campaigns, squadrons, and key events in Australian military history.

The Life of A Door Gunner has had over 3M views on YouTube.

Capturing Our History

 Legacy video is a wonderful way to capture and preserve the history of those men and women who have served in our armed forces. We at Perfekt Studios would love to record personal accounts of service or the accounts of relatives who may have been involved in any air operations of our defence force – be it in peace time or in war.

The Australian Military Aviation History Association Inc. is a not-for-proft association that collaborates with Perfekt Studios and others to bring together as many stories of our military aviation history as possible and make them freely available online.

Personal Stories to Unit Campaigns

If your squadron association, RSL, or other supportive group would like us to do a feature video of a personality, campaign, aircraft, whatever it may be, we can put together the video essay for you.

Please contact us for further details about what’s possible.

The example below was done for 9 Squadron Association to explain some of the basics of operating the Iroquois in Vietnam. We can include personal interview material and a specific narrator if need be. All content would be free to the public through the RAAF Documentaries website and YouTube channel.

Supporting Our Growing Video Collection of Australian Stories

Your legacy video will become part of the AMAHA’s growing library of free videos to inform the general public about our military aviation history.

There are many untold stories and personal accounts of our aviation operation, be it in the Air Force, Army or Navy, we feel it is important for these stories to be told, and told well.

If you have a story to tell, please contact us to find out what is possible and how we might help that story find a voice through our videos.


Australian Military Aviation History Documentaries are supported by the Australian Military Aviation History Association Inc. and all production is partly subsidised by the association. The below costs include a 30% discount via AMAHA subsidy.

These costs do not include travel, which would have to be negotiated.