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Training Video Production

Brisbane based Perfekt Studios production company can produce your next instructional video, educational video, safety orientation training video, or E-Learning video. We are with you every step of the way:

  1. Development – Planning the project including scope, budgeting, type & length of video, target audience, and so on.
  2. Pre-production – Scriptwriting, storyboarding, hiring actors or voice over talent (if needed), acquiring props and wardrobe (if needed), determining locations for shoots, and many other logistical decisions.
  3. Production – The days spent shooting of the video content.
  4. Post-production – Editing, audio, voiceovers, special effects, and other technical details required to deliver the final videos for uploading to your company website, social media, training platform, or wherever you are distributing the content.

Orientation, Training & Education Videos

Video training and education for institutes, universities and companies is the most engaging medium to deliver content and ensure retention of that information. It is a medium that is extremely affordable and can be shared across multiple platforms, repeatably, in the students own time.

If you are in need of a training or educational video, get in touch with Perfekt Studios and we will talk you through the process and give you a very competitive quote.


What People Are Saying

Perfekt Studios helped me produce a training video, based on my book, that sold hundreds of copies on the first day. People commented specifically that they were impressed with the quality of the introductory video. I continue to received comments as people complete the course – asking for the next one!

The Perfekt team are so easy to work with and they helped me with all the technical things I didn’t know. They use multiple cameras so that I only had to do it once and then they edit it with different angles and close-up. For me, it was just like talking to friends. That’s the other thing that my customers loved. Perfekt Studios will definitely be producing my next videos.

Richard Hill

Psychotherapist | Author, Davis Health Centre

The team at Perfekt Studios were exceptional in their delivery of our video. Having great perception, skill and creativity, they were able to deliver in a way that exceeded my expectations.

Phil Hackett

CEO, Eden Trees

The videos Perfekt Studios produced for us at the Australian Centre of Robotics were brilliant! They turned them around quickly and we were really happy with the result.

Renee Bamminger

Marketing & Communications, QUT