What on earth is revival?

Exploring a spiritual phenomenon

Production: Perfekt Studios

Location: Australia

Director: Matthew Dahlitz

DoP: Jachin Dahlitz

A Multi-Episode Documentary

What On Earth Is Revival is an episodic documentary exploring the phenomenon of revival: the history, the meaning, the contemporary manifestations.

What is revival? Why does it happen? How does it impact individuals and communities, and what is happening today? We explore all these questions from experts in the field to personal stories of every-day people impacted by revival.



A Short History

35min | PG
Released Aug 12, 2023

If You Are Real

35min | PG
Released Sep 12, 2023

Production Crew

Director - Matthew Dahlitz

Matthew applies his deep knowledge of people, neuroscience and story telling (not to mention a background in film composition) to everything project undertaken here at the studio.

DoP & Editor - Jachin Dahlitz

Jachin is a multi-talented cinematographer, videographer, editor, colourist and graphics guy, who takes a minimalist approach to his filmmaking.

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