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Toward Singularity (working title) will be a feature length film about the latest neuroscience and how this science is inspiring the development of artificial intelligence. We look at our amazing brain, one of the most complicated systems we know about, and how its architecture is paving a way for more intelligence machines. On our journey toward super-intelligent machines we discuss the interface between humans and machines and the many ethical issues this technology brings up.

We hope to be in production during the second half of 2019 and be publishing the documentary to major streaming channels by early 2020.

Toward Singularity

by Matthew Dahlitz

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Matthew Dahlitz

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Toward Singularity

From our amazing brain and its inspiring design for artificial neural networks to the hope of general artificial intelligence, this feature film will cover the science of emulating the power of our own brains. Will such technology surpass our own intelligence? Will we reach “The Singularity”? And what will this mean for humanity?

Now in Pre-Production: July 2019

Film Content


What can our brain do? How is our brain organized? How much do we really know about our brain?


Why model AI on the brain? What is neuromorphic computing and an artificial neural network?


How does AI learn? What have been the major breakthroughs in AI? How advanced is AI and robotics? How is it changing our culture?


What is Deep Brain Stimulation? Can the mind control machines and can machines control the mind? What are some of the current brain-machine interfaces? Are we heading toward creating cyborgs?


What are the problems arising with increasingly pervasive AI? What are the issues with privacy, law, rights, war, autonomy of machines?

The Singularity

What is general artificial intelligence? When will AI surpass human intelligence? Will GAI machines become sentient beings? Are we engineering our own downfall or a utopia?



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