Video has been used as a tool for data collection and analysis in the scientific community for some time. There is, however, an emerging opportunity for documentary filmmaking to play a key role in the presentation and consumption of findings for academic and commercial projects. The storytelling techniques used in documentary filmmaking can be compelling as researchers communicate the implications of their work to an audience beyond academia and leverage video storytelling to disseminate findings to the public (Research as storytelling: the use of video for mixed methods research).

Short-form documentaries of scientific projects not only serve to inform stakeholders and the public but can also bring other subtleties to a project and team: The very process of pre-production, production and post-production forces the team to clarify their research into a succinct and easily comprehensible presentation. This is often a difficult task for complex research, and the cognitive and creative task to produce an acceptable film can elicit novel perspectives. “Big picture” context is another aspect that can be overlooked in the midst of detailed and complex work, and a documentary short film brings the team back to the fundamentals of why they are doing the research.

If your project could profit from a short documentary film, or a series of documentaries, we have the technical and artistic ability to help you tell a powerful and meaningful story for your stakeholders and public. We can do this with minimal crew and minimal disruption to your project or lab and at a very affordable price.

Please contact Matthew Dahlitz to find out what we can do for your project.