We are off to a great start with the Toward Singularity documentary, now having interviewed a number of experts from the University of Queensland and Michael Milford from QUT. This is an important topic and we have been privileged to speak to these professionals in the field and look forward to more in the following months. We expect this production to be completed by the end of the year.

So far we have interviewed:

Professor Pankaj Sah, Director of the Queensland Brain Institute at The University of Queensland is a respected neurobiologist. His research focuses on the how neurons function for learning and memory formation in the mammalian brain. He is passionate about education, particularly of people and he spearheaded the establishment of the Science of Learning Centre, a collaboration between neuroscientists, cognitive scientists and education researchers at the University of Queensland.

Professor Geoff Goodhill is a computational neuroscientist who studies the language of neurons, the basic cells of the brain and nervous system. He investigates how brain activity patterns in zebrafish represent stimuli in their environment and how these patterns change as the fish develops. By better understanding the language of neurons – the neural code – scientists will be able to better communicate with neurons and build better brain-computer interfaces.

Professor Michael Milford conducts interdisciplinary research at the boundary between robotics, neuroscience and computer vision and is a multi-award winning educational entrepreneur. His research models the neural mechanisms in the brain underlying tasks like navigation and perception to develop new technologies in challenging application domains such as all-weather, anytime positioning for autonomous vehicles. He is also one of Australia’s most in demand experts in technologies including self-driving cars, robotics and artificial intelligence, and is a passionate science communicator. He currently holds the position of Professor at the Queensland University of Technology, as well as Australian Research Council Future Fellow, Microsoft Research Faculty Fellow and Chief Investigator at the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision.

Dr Peter Stratton is a computational neuroscientist who aims to understand the computational principles that are implemented by nervous systems. Such understanding can help treat brain diseases, and can also be applied to complex engineering problems in robotics and artificial intelligence.

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