Squarespace have crafted some remarkable marketing videos over the last few years and one of my favorite ones is below.

As we have been learning, the company should be the guide and the customer the hero. In this example below the actual story is about John Malkovich and his journey to becoming a fashion designer – he’s the “hero” – and we don’t actually get to know that the “guide” is squarespace until the end of the video. And this is beautiful marketing by advertising agency JohnXHannes from New York. We get drawn into the story, resonate with John’s struggle to be recognised as a designer and not just an actor, and at the end we see that the helper on his journey is Squarespace who helps John “make his next move” and “make it beautiful”.

I love the line where John says, “I’ve always been the figure in someone else’s dream. Sometimes, I’d rather make my own figures and my own dreams.” And he then goes on to express how he is becoming the hero of his own story (and the subtext is that Squarespace is helping him get there). And that’s exactly how we need to make our customers feel – not as a figure in our dream (as our customer) but the hero in their own story.

Have a look at the this video (There’s a funny follow-up video done for the Super Bowl and I’ve put it below as well, and the Keanu Reeves one is rather good too) and see what ideas spring to mind with your own marketing message: