A few weeks ago we were at the QUT Robotronica 2017 event: A showcase of all the technology research, projects and courses offered by QUT as well as a number of local and international guests. The day was packed with visitors, a clear indication that technology, and in particular robotics, are subjects people are keen to learn about.

During our time at QUT we got to chat briefly with Dr. Ronald Arkin who’s research interests include behavior-based reactive control and action-oriented perception for mobile robots and unmanned aerial vehicles, hybrid deliberative/reactive software architectures, robot survivability, multiagent robotic systems, biorobotics, human-robot interaction, robot ethics, and learning in autonomous systems. Dr. Arkin has over 170 technical publications in these areas as well as a number of books. We were able to catch Dr. Arkin here in Brisbane as he has taken time out to serve as a visiting Fellow/Scientist at the School of Electrical and Computer Science, Queensland University of Technology and the CSIRO Robotics and Autonomous Systems Group, Queensland Centre for Advanced Technologies, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation. You can find out more about Dr. Arkin here.

We also managed to have a quick chat to a few of the people manning stands at the event and we’ve complied a snapshot of the day in this video. You can find out more about Robotronica here.