JNE Painting wanted to move from being subcontracted to being the primary contractor for the high-end work they were doing.

The company’s owner, Chris, also sees his work as art.

We needed to create a brand awareness campaign that communicated an artists passion in a high-end market.





It was important for us to appeal to the right demographic, and so music, script, and images had to work together in a soft-sell presentation that would capture the imagination of potential customers.

We chose locations that the right target market would understand and resonate with.

Chris is an artist who takes particular care in the tools, process and finish of his work. It’s a reflection of himself.

We wanted the audience to ask “Do I want just a painter, or do I want an artist like Chris?”


“To realise a client’s imagination…”


“To realise a client’s imagination and dream for their home or business is what I really love about this craft.”

We had Chris write about his passion for this job and from this text we scripted a narrative that would let the audience into the head and heart of an artist.

There is nothing about price – it’s all about passion.




Your House – His Canvas

Chris and his team at JNE do not just want to paint your house in a simple exchange for money. They are looking for a canvas to be creative and express themselves as artists – it’s an intrinsic motivation. If you are going to let anyone paint your house, you want it to be by someone who is intrinsically motivated to do the very best job possible because that’s how they express themselves.

This brand awareness video proved to resonate with many people at that deepest level – and for Perfekt Studios, JNE Painting was our canvas to express our passion.


“The team at Perfekt Studios recently completed our branding video and we couldn’t be happier. Matt and Jachin were very professional giving great guidance throughout the whole process from start to finish. They delivered such a wonderful product which we are really proud of.”

Chris Mear

Owner – JNE Painting



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