Taking an unexpected career path, Phil Hackett developed a love for trees and soon found himself working in arboriculture.

When Phil’s arboriculture company ‘Eden Trees’ came to us for a brand awareness video, the question was raised – “How can you make people care?”





What Eden Trees didn’t need was a hard-sell campaign.

We wanted to give Eden Trees something that reflected the timeless beauty of the trees they work with.

When we think of Eden, we think of something that transcends our everyday commerce.

We connect with stories about people with a passion, with a purpose, and Phil is a man on a mission – his passion and purpose is to educate everyone he meets about the importance of trees and our environment.

He is working to secure a future for his children.

So we crafted a story about his passion, his purpose, and the children that are so much a part of this Hero’s journey.



“Trees are simply amazing”


Every story has a hero and in this tale we made the trees the hero of the story.

And every story has a guide who serves and protects the hero in the story. This is Phil and his merry band of helpers who are going throughout the land doing their good work of cleaning, healing and educating.

If you learn that trees are simply amazing and you have a responsibility for the ones in your back yard. Then you might be motivated to call upon Phil to help you bring your domain a little closer to Eden.




Phil’s Journey

We resonate with Phil’s story because we also are on a journey of our own passion. We get caught up in the story of one man’s passion and we feel we know him, we have an empathic connection. Eden Trees isn’t just a “tree business”, it’s a noble quest of the highest order!

The end result of this brand awareness campaign is a story which resonates with an audience of potential customers. Potential customers who know know Phil as the tree master they would want in their back yard.



“The team at Perfekt Studios were exceptional in their delivery of our video. Having great perception, skill and creativity, they were able to deliver in a way that exceeded my expectations.

The whole experience was hugely beneficial to myself, our team and clients – who love the video too – often commenting on their enjoyment in watching it and feeling a part of our journey. “

Phil Hackett
Owner of Eden Trees

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